adoption photography

Back in March I was shooting a wedding with a photographer friend of mine( and she is fantastic, has her own successful business, and it fun to work with! I expressed an interest in getting into photography and she volunteered to take me on as her pupil one day.

I started thinking and praying about moving forward and asking God how on earth I could combine this with other passions I have; teaching English, adoption, and ministry to families with little ones. Then suddenly I knew. [Birth family photography.] I remember how wonderful it was to have a friend come and shoot some sweet(professional) pictures of Kip and I right after he was born. Why not pursue doing this for other birth families and forever families?!

I’ve gotten slightly more acquainted with photography and, specifically, Canon cameras since March; the more I do it the more I absolutely love the feeling of capturing moments of life!

I’m pursuing this in prayer, asking God to supply my photography needs(camera and gear, $ for training, etc…). I would love it if you would consider praying about this with me! Also, please share any concerns and/or encouragements.

Children and mothers never truly part, bound together by the beating of one another’s heart.