love anyway

I came over here to blog a little about being open and real with those I love and how that leaves me vulnerable and a scared.

Then I realized I had just blogged about that a few weeks ago. 😛 I guess I am still facing that though. Now I sound all angsty-teenager-dealing-with-being-insecure. Oh dear.

But…I do have a few thoughts to write out.

When you love someone you are honest and real with them. Yes, that makes you vulnerable and feel scared…wondering if it is joy or a hurting heart that will come later. But it is worth it; that is what I keep reminding myself of.

Love anyway.

HE loves even when I am turn my back to Him. HE loves when I am completely unlovable. HE loved me before anyone ever did. And HE showed His love for me by dying for me. So I will love Him and seek Him…and I will love those He has placed me in friendship with.


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